Slow Down

by Paddy Boom

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Elaine Weller
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Elaine Weller Everything about this song is cool!! The lyrics are awesome Favorite track: Slow Down.
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Album release June 22, 2016

Paddy Boom is drummer/songwriter living in NYC. Paddy was an original member of Scissor Sisters, Grammy-nominated and number 1 selling band in Europe in 2004. Paddy also currently plays drums in NYC band Faith. This is his first solo recording.

Album features:
Paddy Boom • vocals/drums/percussion
Carlos Alomar • guitar
Tim Shipman • guitar/keyboards
Paul Frazier • bass
N'Dea Davenport • backing vocals
Alex Violette • Tenor Sax on 'Sunshine'
Sean Lewis • bass on 'Sunshine'

Sean Marquand
Tim 'Love' Lee

This release is 100% independent. PLEASE donate what you can.


released November 27, 2015

Words • Paddy Boom
Music • Boom/Shipman
Produced by Tim Shipman
Associate producer Carlos Alomar
Recorded by Jason Mercer
Mixed by Carlos Alomar/Andy Heermans
Recorded at Camp Manitou, Garrison, NY.



all rights reserved


Paddy Boom New York, New York

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Track Name: What Happened to Me?
What happened to me?
Something I could not see.

Every opportunity you blew
I gave it all for you
My heart,
my love,
my trust

And when I turned around
Everything just broke down

What happened to me?
I though you were the one for the me
But what happened to me?
What happened to me?
I tell you lies
Cut you down to size
I cut you down to size
I had you back so many times
and now you lied?

And that’s the way it goes down

What happened to me?
I ask myself
What happened to me?
Won’t you tell me the truth?
What happened to me?

Was it someone that I tried to be?
Or all the times we cried?
all the times we cried?
Was it all the times we tried?
Or all the times I lied to you?

You lied to you
You lied to me
Two wrongs they don’t make it right

What happened to me?

We were so in love and free
So sad so sad to see so sad,
What happened to me?
I tried my best now..
What happened to me?
So sorry for the hurt
So sorry for the pain
Take a deep a breath
It’ll be ok, I swear my darling
It’ll be ok
When go on your way
Won’t you go on your way?
Track Name: Trouble Times
Trouble times come and go
Trouble times come and they come and go

Well I tried to fix this mess up
It ain’t easy
You’ve got nobody on your side,
only me

Trouble times come and go
Trouble times come and they come and go oh oh oh oh

When I tried to treat you better
You just teased me
I did just what you wanted
You didn’t believe me

Trouble times come and go
Trouble times come and go

Though it seems I’ve been waiting for so long
Other times I just don’t know
And when I find, peace of mind
That’s when I’ll have to let you know

Well that letter that I sent
I thought whould would please you
When you know you’re always right
that aint’cool

Trouble times come and go
Trouble times they come and go
Trouble times come and go
Trouble times they come and go
Track Name: Slow Down
Slow Down

You win, you lose
Sometimes you choose
But you’re lucky
If you get choice at all

I’ll tell you about some news
I’ve got the philosophical blues
But it’s nothing
I’ve just got words to choose

Sometimes I’m blue
Just the same as you
When you’re loving
is completely through

I did a funny dance
And it seemed a bit like romance
But in the end
we didn’t stand a chance

Slow down

Sometimes you is
Some times ain’t
But don’t let it go to your head
When they say you’re great

Some things you love
And some things you hate
But in the end
Isn’t it what you make?

You better Slow Down
Track Name: Help Is On the Way
Help is on the way

Your wicked in love
There’s nothing left to say
I’ve done all I can but now
Tomorrow’s the day

Better days are coming
You can not see
Chaos spiling from your soul
So carelessly

You were in a good time
So full of hope
So full of pride
Now your lost like a child

Everybody knew
Everybody knew
Except me and you but
Help is on the way
Help is on the way
Don’t’ turn around
You’ll miss the message of the day

Now you’re gone
It seems wrong
It takes time to get strong
Time heals but we we
Still feel in tears

I’ve loved you so good
You loved me back
There were many great times
And many selfish attacks

Do what you can
Tomorrows the day
Be rest assured my darling that
Help is on the way