What Happened to Me?

from by Paddy Boom



What happened to me?
Something I could not see.

Every opportunity you blew
I gave it all for you
My heart,
my love,
my trust

And when I turned around
Everything just broke down

What happened to me?
I though you were the one for the me
But what happened to me?
What happened to me?
I tell you lies
Cut you down to size
I cut you down to size
I had you back so many times
and now you lied?

And that’s the way it goes down

What happened to me?
I ask myself
What happened to me?
Won’t you tell me the truth?
What happened to me?

Was it someone that I tried to be?
Or all the times we cried?
all the times we cried?
Was it all the times we tried?
Or all the times I lied to you?

You lied to you
You lied to me
Two wrongs they don’t make it right

What happened to me?

We were so in love and free
So sad so sad to see so sad,
What happened to me?
I tried my best now..
What happened to me?
So sorry for the hurt
So sorry for the pain
Take a deep a breath
It’ll be ok, I swear my darling
It’ll be ok
When go on your way
Won’t you go on your way?


from Slow Down, released November 27, 2015
Words by Paddy Boom
Music by Paddy Boom/Tim Shipman



all rights reserved


Paddy Boom New York, New York

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